Benefits of Valerian Root Tea

The benefits of Valerian Root can be a natural alternative to alleviate a number of troublesome aliments. Several studies have shown supplementation of ValerianRoot , can almost always improve quality of life in the participants. Avoiding the need of pharmaceuticals which bring their own problems and side effects.

Insomnia and Valerian Root tea

The benefits of Valerian Root is primarily associated with easing symptoms of insomnia. A meta analysis of 3 studies have shown this with participants reporting falling asleep quicker (1,2). One study in particular noted that Valerian was able to outperform a placebo in reducing sleep latency (falling asleep quicker) and improving sleep quality (3).

Addictive pharmaceuticals such as benzodiazepines (Diazepam/Valium) are typically prescribed for acute cases of Insomnia. One study in particular showed participants were able to replace these drugs for Valerian Root . Valerian Root can be used to a similar effect and reduce dependence to benzodiazepines.

Not only was there an improvement in of cognitive and improved motor function. The participants were no longer at risk of addiction (4)The current consensus of Valerian Root is that it may improve the ability to fall asleep, stay asleep and improve the overall quality of sleep in adults and children with insomnia.

Anxiety and Valerian root tea

Suffers from Generalised Anxiety Disorders and panic attacks can also benefit from Valerian Root . Studies have shown participants present less anxious symptoms after a four week trial of regular dosage (5).

In a similar vein Valerian can be used to treat symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. One study showed a significant difference between Root extract and placebo in the treatment of OCD (6). With very little reported in the way of side effects. Valerian Root can be a fantastic natural remedy to reduce anxiety, stress and improve symptoms of OCD.

Additional benefits of Valerian root tea

Menstrual pain, PMS and Valerian Root

Valerian Root can be used to treat menstrual pain and PMS, as one study showed. Regular daily supplementation of Valerian Root was able to “reduce abdominal pain associated with menstruation to a degree larger than placebo treatment, and duration of pain was reported to be reduced.(7) . This is due to Valerian Roots antispasmodic effects on smooth muscles.

Menopause and Valerian Root

One study showed Valerian Root was able to reduce the severity of hot flushes with regular daily supplementation. Valerian Root also led to a reduction of hot flush frequencies 4 and 8 weeks after the treatment “Valerian can be effective in treatment of menopausal hot flash and that it can be considered as a treatment of choice for reduction of hot flashes among the women” (8).

Restless leg syndrome and Valerian

A medium sized supplementation of Valerian Root was used in an 8 week trial. The results showed improves symptoms of RLS and decreases daytime sleepiness in patients (9).

How about Valerian dosage?

When taking a Valerian dose, it’s not too difficult to get wrong. Using a scale for Valerian Root is a good place to start and conversely, Valerian capsules usually have a standard size capsule of 450mg. This is sufficient to bring about the benefits of Valerian.

The Valerian Dosage page has full listings of recommended dosages according by ailment.