Types of Valerian Root

Valerian root comes in several forms and all have their own strengths when it comes to application. If you are aiming relieve insomnia or anxiety, then the best method has to be drinking Valerian Root Tea before bed.

Valerian Root Tea

Parts of the Valerian Root stems are dried up and ground into smaller pieces. This gives the Valerian root more surface to hold on to its oils.. It’s not uncommon to find some powdered Valerian Root. Whilst it may look different it does work identically but may be quicker to  brew due to its smaller size.

Creating a healthy wind down routine before bed is the best way to transition from a busy day to a restful night. Taking part in the mere ritual of brewing, steeping and pouring Valerian Root tea will be relaxing in its own right.

How to make Valerian Root Tea

Making Valerian Root Tea is as easy as it sounds.

What you need (serves 1 – 200-300ml)

  • 2-3 grams of Valerian Root
  • A kettle
  • A Mug with a lid on it (or a plate that fits on top)
  • Optional  – Tea infuser ball

What you do

  • Boil the kettle and turn it off just before it peaks (we need hot water not boiling)
  • Add 2-3 grams of Valerian into your mug or tea infuser
  • Add the hot water
  • Cover with a lid or plate for 10-15 minutes
  • Extinguish and enjoy

This is after all – your routine. You can adapt it how you see fit. If your wind down lasts more than an hour it may be beneficial to boil a pot of Valerian Root Tea which will last you longer. Potentially giving you 300-600ml of Valerian Root Tea to drink for the evening. In this case add 2-5 grams of Valerian an experiment from there.

Tea bags with Valerian Root

Sometimes the whole brewing ritual takes too long. When out in the world it may be easier to pop in a tea bag full of Valerian goodies. There are some types of Valerian tea bags which are mixed with additional calming herbs such as Limeflowers, hops, passion flowers, fennel. All herbs which are used for relaxation.

Ideal for its portability and size. Tea bags are a great alternative when you’re on the move and in need of a quick moment to collect yourself. The only drawback would be the amount of tea bags in a box which could be expensive in the long run.

Valerian Root Capsules

This type of Valerian root is one probably the most portable and has the lowest bar for entry. It’s extremely easy to take and very potent. Just two capsules (usually with 450-500mg of Valerian Root) which are drank with water. If you’re not a tea fan then capsules are definitely worth a try. Easy to store, transport and discrete to take in a pinch.

Valerian Tinctures and Liquid extract

Valerian Tinctures are a highly condensed form of Valerian Root available in small drops. Tinctures are used as a quick delivery method of getting the extract into your bloodstream. The advantages of using a Valerian Liquid Extract is that it’s quick to administer and highly portable and you can make your own tinctures in your own home. With no need to brew a tea it’s good if you’re on the go. The ratio of cost per dose can be very low making it more cost effective. Disadvantages are that they can sometimes taste unpleasant and take a
while to create. Commonly used method of using Valerian Liquid extract is either a few drops under the tongue or diluted into water and drunk.